We’ve all “cut the cord” on cable. While the high demand for streaming services isn’t letting up, the competition is just as intense. With so many services for consumers to choose from to binge-watch new movies and series, how can you keep attracting more viewers and subscriptions? 

Watch the recording from our latest webinar and learn how you can use digital research to accelerate growth. We discuss the current state of competitive streaming, including consumer behavior, market leaders, and anti-piracy trends.  

Topics covered include:

  • The definition of streaming in today’s digital world 
  • Trends around consumer consumption and behaviors, accelerated by COVID
  • The current leaderboard and winners of the streaming space 
  • Anti-piracy and content protection 

Watch a sneak peek below:

Jackie Lee
Jackie Lee
Head of Publishers Similarweb

Jackie is the Head of Publishers at Similarweb. Her background is in digital marketing and audience strategy and recently joined the company from The New York Times. Jackie helps clients in the publisher industry uncover actionable insights to inform editorial decisions, bolster ad sales, and meet subscription goals. She is based in New York.