Transitioning from seller-centric to buyer-centric psychology

Understanding behavioral psychology is critical in sales. We partnered with Vayomar’s co-founder, Ariel Halevi, to deep dive into what makes us tick as people – what motivates us to make decisions, the parts of our brains that are engaged during sales calls, and making the shift from being seller-centric to buyer-centric.

Watch Webinar to learn about:

  1. The psychology of decisions: We’ll cover some basic ideas in behavioral psychology and explore what motivates us to make decisions
  2. Outdated paradigms around sales: The nature of sales has drastically changed and making the sale is just the beginning. Your ability to keep your promises of continued value will shape your ability to keep your customers coming back for more
  3. From transactional to consultative: the need to shift your sales approach from seller-centric to buyer-centric

About the Presenters

Ariel Halevi
Co-founder of Vayomar Vayomar

Co-founder of Vayomar, a global boutique consulting firm established in 2003, Ariel has spent the last two decades studying the business and operational challenges that stem from what he calls “…the growing disconnect between humanity’s evolutionary “Operating System” and the modern working dynamics of the digital revolution”.

Simeon Atkins
Industry Consultant Similarweb

Simeon Atkins is an Industry Consultant in Similarweb, specializing in helping sales professionals utilize data to discover, close and retain more business. He works with companies all over the world, helping brands like DHL, PayPal, Google, and Amazon use Similarweb’s sales intelligence data to increase sales.