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Which Is Doing Better: Peacock or HBO Max?

In July, NBCUniversal’s Peacock and WarnerMedia’s HBO Max made brave and smart moves by launching in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic new video-on-demand streaming services. Judging by the stats we currently have, their decisions seem to have paid off.

This custom Insights Report, by Similarweb’s Lead Publishers & Media Industry Consultant, Ariane Turley, provides a comprehensive exploration into website traffic and search trends which are at the heart of these top TV and video streaming services‘ marketing efforts, including:

  • Who is driving more traffic to its website, and how?
  • Which marketing channels are Peacock and HBO Max using to promote their service?
  • What type of keywords are they focusing their marketing efforts on?
  • Who are the potential partners that they could collaborate with for more subscribers?

The report is aimed at marketers managing media websites or apps, as well as analysts and researchers in the media industry.

About the Author

Ariane Turley
Ariane Turley
Lead Publishers & Media Industry Consultant Similarweb

Ariane is the Lead Publishers & Media Industry Consultant at Similarweb. Before joining Similarweb, Ariane led a team of advisors at Gartner L2 to translate data and analysis into actionable digital insights for clients across the CPG, beauty, and luxury industries.