In the finance world, trust is everything. But, with the rapid changes in technology, the ascent in self-service banking activities and the importance of online research before buying – it’s becoming harder for financial brands to build trust that converts potential leads into paying customers.

Recently, Jamie Drayton, Similarweb’s Lead Financial Services Consultant, held a live webinar that covers the latest trends in the US credit card space that affect your business.

The webinar’s topics include:

  • Traffic trends for major credit card providers in the US
  • How credit card providers convert customers and what are their most effective marketing channels
  • The role of credit card affiliates and the impact they have on the industry
  • Affiliates’ strategy to grow their market share and increase website traffic
  • The possible threat Google Search imposes to credit card affiliates and issuers

About the Presenter

Jamie Drayton
Financial Services Consultant Similarweb

Jamie Drayton has a background in eCommerce Consulting and leads Similarweb's Financial Service Consulting practice. His clients include industry experts across top players in retail banking, credit cards, affiliates, and insurance.