We constantly hear about the importance of Big Data for business, but how can you really harness the power of large-scale data for your business strategy? Similarweb’s API is a tool that can translate DATA into actual insights; in this webinar, we’ll learn how to use an API in order to enrich your existing data and dashboard tools.

Learn how you can use the Similarweb API to:

  • Better monitor your competitors’ activities
  • Discover and analyze all of your competitors’ business partnerships
  • Qualify and prioritize your leads
  • Generate powerful reports with no technical expertise


About the Presenters

Adam Lerner
Technical Customer Success Specialist Similarweb

Adam Lerner is a Technical Customer Success Specialist, acting as a bridge between customer needs and Similarweb’s technical solutions. He has close to a decade of experience in the online industry in various hi-tech companies.

Dan Hillyer
Product Marketing Manager Similarweb

Dan is responsible for understanding the challenges that businesses face and launching new products that address these challenges. Dan has been working at high-tech startups for the last 5 years. In his previous company AreaOne, Dan led a global marketing program, prior to the company’s acquisition by Taptica.