About AB Tasty

AB Tasty is a leading website personalization software that helps companies improve the user experience on their website by creating customised experiences which ultimately helps to drives more onsite conversions. 

The Challenge: Scaling lead scoring and enrichment processes while improving sales efficiency

When AB Tasty came to Similarweb they needed support in two key areas. Firstly they wanted to become a truly efficient sales operation by ensuring the sales team spent the right amount of time on the right inbound leads. To do this, AB Tasty needed to provide their sales team with the most relevant and accurate data points to enable them to effectively qualify and score their incoming leads.

Secondly, as the company has continued to grow on a global scale, AB Tasty has also taken an account-based approach in their outbound motion. This requires them to gather, sort, and aggregate a huge amount of information about their prospects in order to build the best target account lists for their sales team.

Success: A more efficient sales operation that spends less time sorting and more time selling!

Using Similarweb’s key digital metrics such as monthly visits, website category, and technographics, AB Tasty has been able to effectively and efficiently qualify and score leads as they come into their database. This has ensured sales reps are working on the right leads at the right time and in turn has enabled them to spend less time sorting and more time selling. 

While the sales team still uses the free Similarweb extension on a regular basis to source quick insights about a prospect, the API has allowed AB Tasty to vastly scale their lead scoring and enrichment processes. 

In addition, Similarweb gives AB Tasty the best possible start when entering new markets by providing them with a clear and accurate view of the current landscape. This in turn has allowed them to quickly and effectively build a list of target accounts that consists of the most relevant players for their sales team to approach.

"Similarweb has been instrumental in allowing us to scale our lead scoring and qualification processes, whilst greatly improving the efficiency of our sales team in ensuring they are spending the right time on the right leads."

Anthony Brebion

Growth & Marketing Operations Manager, AB Tasty

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