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Similarweb is here for you with the best free ranking tools

 If you are using Alexa or considering which platform to choose, there’s no need to stress. Similarweb already makes ranking data and website analytics available to everyone for free. No login necessary. 

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Dive into your marketing channel data

Access absolute traffic numbers across all channels – not just a percentage breakdown.


Get traffic and engagement stats, not scores

Evaluate your competitive digital landscape – without having to decipher a 1-100 popularity score.


Spot trends and understand your audience

Eliminate guesswork with the freshest insights, plus demographic data on your actual audience.

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Similarweb features vs Alexa

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Why Similarweb is better than Alexa

Ready to grow your traffic and win your market?

What our customers say:

Similarweb’s data is, without a doubt, the most robust and accurate information available about what’s happening online. I’ve used their numbers in multiple research projects and market analyses, both public and internal, and wouldn’t reply on anything else (because I’ve run the comparisons!). If you need superb, trustworthy data on where people go and what they do on the web, Similarweb has the scale and quality to deliver.

Rand Fishkin

Co Founder & CEO, SparkToro
Similarweb is a must extension on my browser. I am checking on a daily basis websites trends, volumes, and geographic split. It's very easy to use and provides a lot of important data when I research a new market, optimize existing campaigns, or renegotiate an existing deal

Shiran Herzberg

Head of Media Partnerships, eToro

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Similarweb is a digital intelligence platform that provides web analytics and gives users insights into their clients’ and competitors’ web traffic, keyword ranking, audience demographics, and other key performance metrics.

Yes, you can use Similarweb for free at Similarweb.com, through our Chrome Extension, or with the free DigitalRank API.

Similarweb can help you measure your place in the digital world. It is a tool that tells you the total amount of traffic different websites get, including your own and your competitors. It allows you to see top traffic sources, broken down into different categories, including referring sites, top organic and paid keywords, and ad creatives.

You can check your website ranking on Similarweb.com. To dive deeper into your website’s competitive intelligence you can try Similarweb for free.

​​Similarweb (NYSE:SMWB) went public on the New York Stock Exchange in May 2021, raising $120 million at a valuation of $1.6 billion.

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