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Digital Marketing Intelligence

Your complete digital marketing optimization toolkit

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  • Optimize your channel mix to maximize growth & ROI
  • Benchmark your traffic and engagement to stay ahead of the competition
  • Adapt campaigns to replicate the successes of your competitors or avoid their mistakes
Win the search marketing game
  • Get the freshest, most accurate keyword insights with unique metrics like zero-click and hybrid search volume
  • Capitalize on keyword trends, in real-time, and optimize for efficient organic user growth
  • Access untapped keyword opportunities that help you climb the SERP
Build lucrative partnerships
  • Find rising stars and lock them up before anyone else
  • Target the best-performing affiliates in your niche
  • Ensure partners meet their KPIs
Maximize your paid search ROI
  • Target keywords that drive down-funnel results
  • Tear down your competitors’ campaigns by spend, keyword, landing page and ad
  • Identify keyword trends first
Perfect your ad spend
  • Discover fast growing ad networks and best-fit publishers
  • Evaluate audience makeup and traffic performance across potential media partners
  • Copy your competitors best ad creative strategies

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Digital Marketing Intelligence

Great data matters

Get unparalleled insights driven by the most accurate data

Website Owners

We collect direct first-party traffic analytics from over 100 million mobile and desktop websites. Learn why here.

Seo and Content Marketers


Our 5+ billion keyword database is powered by real user clicks and unique algorithms, and we add over 300 million new keywords every month!



Gain high-level perspective with our coverage of 210+ industries. This data shows benchmarks for traffic, channel mixes and even keywords by industry.

ad intelligence


Our ad intelligence platform houses over 500m display ads. With this vast and timely data in your hands, you can analyze multiple campaigns and competitors.

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Your complete digital marketing analysis toolkit

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